5 Steps to self-actualization and living the life you want

Alan Tek

Day 1. Eyes open. Mind awake. Let’s make something happen!

Hi there. I’m sure you have had the thoughts of wondering is this it? Is this where I want my life to go?
Perhaps you’re a new graduate looking for work or you’re making a decent salary at a decent job and it pays the bills. There’s millions of reasons why you stumbled on here, but what i can assure you is, you’re no alone. There’s a lot of uncertainty and unfulfilled lives out there, and most people just grind through it every day. But that doesn’t have to be you, let’s go through this together.

Who the heck is Alan Tek?

I’m in the midst of figuring this all out as well. Previously working in the IT industry, teaching English overseas, and working in management, I just completed my MBA. But now, I’m in a cross-roads in my life where I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I DO know what I DON’T want to do — working a normal 9-5 job. Who is Alan Tek is a question that I contemplate everyday, it’s a tough one because well it’s what will be during and beyond my existence.

For the past few months since completing my MBA, I’ve been on a career hiatus or what I like to tell people my “mid-life retirement”.  This is the NEW mid-life crisis btw, as that term is so 90’s. We don’t have crisis’ anymore, we know better.

This day in age, we can expect the unexpected and prepare for what could happen – as these things shouldn’t surprise us anymore.  So before I just take some high paying management job in some firm and basically sell my soul, I really need to know if it’s the right direction I want my life to go in.  These are the tough questions you need to ask yourself too. Time is your greatest commodity, unfortunately you can’t buy any additional time.

The power is now in our hands

Today, we can make shit happen.  With a few bucks we can reserve a domain, create a free website and reach millions of people.  Using social media, we can advertise and connect to celebrities, industry leaders, and CEO’s all over the world.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, these are all powerful tools that can help you reach an audience and promote what you have to offer.

However, that “offer” may be the more difficult part that you have to figure out.

So, what are Alan Tek’s 5 steps to actualization and living the life you want?

  1.  Start writing stuff down.  Get a notepad and pen, and spend some quiet time alone writing down goals and ideas that you’ve always wanted to do.  I’m positive you’ve been thinking about some cool and great career ideas, but there’s something about writing it down on paper with a pen that solidifies the idea.
  2. Research. Ever heard of Google? Google That Shit. We can access almost all of human history and it’s findings through this magical thing called the Internet, and guaranteed someone has found out the info already and has posted it online.  So find out more about the career or training or ideas you’re thinking about, which should spark some more ideas.
  3. Learn from someone better.  Someone is probably already doing it or has something similar in mind, so start learning from successful people, not your brother/sister or cousin who thinks they know everything — because they probably don’t. I suggest listening to some podcasts, which I will recommend some in a future post but for now a large part of my inspiration comes from Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four Hour Work Week, whom I follow and has had some influence on this creation. You can read his blog here
  4. Take action. You’d be surprised what can happen when you put stuff out into the world, because most of the time it listens and that’s when magic can happen. I’ve had numerous times in life where I said something or went out on a whim and was shocked by the outcome that stemmed from it. Life is pretty crazy sometimes, just believe in it.
  5. Don’t give up. Be persistent in whatever you’re pursuing and you will accomplish far more than you can imagine. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you will find yourself further into self-actualization than if you hadn’t started in the first place.
So these 5 steps are just a beginning, but so is this post. It’s all about planting a seed and seeing how it grows. Let’s see what happens!

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