How to make your dreams a reality

Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes performing c/o Instagram @shawnmendes

Today is the day that you start living your dreams and making them into reality. There is no better time in history to do so than now. With the Internet and social media, there really isn’t much more we need in terms of resources to become our own creators of our own reality. The current state of the world is facilitating for trailblazers and entrepreneurs and what previously may be considered risky or looked down upon has become the norm. Using social media to broadcast your mind and talent can help others in many ways and if you believe in your product, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue it.

Steps to begin your journey of creating your own reality

1. Make your mission and envision

If you want to achieve something, you need to know what you want. Just like an archer must aim at a target to hit the bullseye, you need to have something to aim for. Even if you don’t land on the bullseye, as your goal may change or shift during the process, it’s better to have something to aim for initially. Creating a mission statement that you honestly believe in and want to accomplish is vital to obtainment. If it’s to start your own business and live independently from a normal 9-5 job, then make it that and give yourself a measurable deadline. ie. I will launch my own business within a year and be making X income.  You need to believe in it and work towards it every day. When you do research and work on your own time to create something, it needs to be bigger than yourself. The mission is everything. The follow-up but very closely related is the envisioning. You need to envision your goal and what you will accomplish to create that Self-belief. I’m sure Tom Brady spends a lot of time envisioning the field of play before a touchdown before connecting with his receivers.

2. Make the first step

Every journey begins with the first step. As cheesy as it sounds, at a bare minimum, we need to make those first steps. I like to brainstorm on a whiteboard and jot down ideas that revolve around it. Then create a name or moniker that you can associate with the idea. For example, if you’re planning on launching a music career, your first steps would be to write songs or cover some. Coming up with a name for yourself or band would be essential as well, in order to envision seeing your name as the artist. I like to refer to this step as the Big S, being the Self-compared to the self. We are all the same but what separates us is the ones that believe in our Big S.  Shawn Mendes, a world-renowned Canadian pop singer, began his musical journey by posting 6-second covers of songs on the Vine app. With belief in his talent and the will to pursue what he believed in, the right people eventually began to notice him and the rest is history. BTW, don’t stop what you’re doing now.

Read more on overcoming challenges to help make that first step here:

3. Keep the ball rolling

So after making your first steps of your lifestyle change or entrepreneurial journey, you should keep the ball rolling. eg. continue to blaze through and make further progress. I’ve used two unrelated examples in the previous steps, so I will continue to do so here as well, but they’re all the same as it requires similar steps. If you’re planning on launching a podcast, you would have already made your mission and then brainstormed some ideas to discuss and how a show would be organized. At this point, you would have done your homework and found out how other shows produce their work and what software they use to make it all happen. The next step would be to put it out there and record your show and post it online. The launch is a big deal as once you put it out there, we go into an unknown territory of possibilities.

4. The unknown

This is where the steps depend on you. At this point, if you put your work or product out there, it’s up to you to maintain the momentum and belief. If you have followed your mission and made the steps to keep make your idea into a reality, you’ve already gone so much further than most people. There will be a moment where you may be in disbelief of how far you’ve actually gone and it just comes down to a process you’ve followed. A hobby or act that you enjoy may turn out to be a career or way to supplement your income. It is hard to predict what may happen but there is the Power of ONE, which I believe we all have the ability to become aware of. In short, you only need to meet one person or have one event happen for everything to change. This will be a later post on this subject matter.
 These are the initial steps for you to begin your journey of making your dreams into a reality. And it doesn’t even have to be a big goal, it can be weight loss, a vacation you always wanted to take, financial freedom, or anything. What is most important is that you begin to believe in that and make the steps necessary to work towards it. Now is the time to change your life and be in control of your future!

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