How to live a healthy and simple daily life

So you’re probably looking on here to find out what can I do differently in my morning routine to give me energy, help me lose weight, gain muscle, and be more productive. It’s not a one solution answer but I hope to share my wisdom in how it works for my body which for the most part is based on self-monitoring and discipline.

Here’s the Alan Tek simple morning routine

Wake up. Don’t check your phone. In fact unless you’re using it for an alarm, don’t even look at it until much later.  You’re probably dehydrated so drink a large glass of water prepared from the night before and do some 5-10 mins of yoga stretches. If you don’t have a yoga flow routine that you’re familiar with, I suggest either join a yoga gym and become familiar with the positions that work best for you and incorporate them into your daily life or you can learn them online for free. I recommend Yoga with Adriene.

Check out her youtube channel here:

I like to finish off the yoga with a calm and self-directed meditation. It’s simple, just sit down in a lotus cross-legged position (use a pillow under you butt if needed for support), and have your arms extended, connect your index and thumbs together (in a prayer mudra), and sit quietly and breathe. The key here is to relax. Let your thoughts come and go and realize that this time for you is your own space and let yourself be at peace. I would suggest at least 5-10 mins but choose your own length of time that works for you.  I’ll have a future post on meditation later on.

It’s Butter Coffee Time

I then usually prepare my morning bulletproof-esk butter coffee, which is an espresso made with an aeropress coffee maker, some MCT oil, butter, and then blended together into a frothy cup of goodness.  This might sound gross but it’s kind of a big deal around some health conscious folks and has millions of drinkers worldwide that swear by it. The fats and oils from the MCT and butter keep me full for the entire morning and with a combination of your coffee roast of preference, it keeps my body full of energy and my mind intact.

Check out my previous post on the bulletproof radio health podcast (and the guy who came up with the butter coffee method, Dave Asprey, here:

The best quick workout you’ll ever need

After the coffee, I’ll do my workout routine. Now I currently don’t have a gym membership and have joined gyms before but I honestly don’t think you really need to pay for one, if you’re self-motivated. I’ve been working out and training for 17 years and once you get the hang of weights and your body, you don’t really need machines.  I currently just have a chin-up/pull-up bar, and one 25lbs kettle bell in my room.  I’ll have another post regarding my recommended self-directed workouts later but I basically do the following:

  • 15-20 pull ups (1 or two sets)
  • 10-15 chin ups (1 or two sets)
  • 10 or so arm curls (multiple sets)
  • 10 or so shoulder swings (multiple sets)
  • 30 push ups (different positions for – triceps, chest)
  • 50-100 sit ups
  • air squats (for glutes)
  • 10-15 shoulder raises

So depending on what day and muscle I’m working out, I’ll alternate. For example: back and shoulder, biceps and triceps, legs (which i need to incorporate more) and glutes, etc. and then I’ll always do sit-ups. Never skip your abs (core) unless you’re super sore from a previous day, even then i’ll still do some. And i’ll usually always do some variation of push-ups.

The key here folks is CONSISTENCY. ie. try to do this every day, and it only takes 15-20 mins. You’ll see results guaranteed.  I smell an in-depth workout routine post in the future…

Creative time is anytime

Okay so after my shower, I’ll usually finish the morning off with creative time. If you’re a working person during the week, this may need to be moved later on in the day or incorporated into your weekend routine.  I’m on a mid-life retirement currently, so I’m pretty flexible 🙂

I’ll spend the next couple hours before noon either playing music, writing or brainstorming ideas. Idea making is very important in goal-setting and attainment. The goal setting realm is a passion of mine and in a further post I’ll delve further into my process and how I become creative.

Finally, after you had the morning to myself, I would then check out my email, reddit, and social media (urk!) if I need to. I’m further going in the direction of not looking at my social media at all, and I’m feeling way better nowadays.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my morning ritual, and if you have any questions or feedback it would be great to hear from you!

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