How to make the right life choices and decision making strategies

Decision Making Alan Tek
 Alan Tek
At times we find ourselves in challenging situations where we are unsure of the future, result, outcome etc. How do we overcome these obstacles? Which is the right decision to make? What I’ve realized is: if we are able to listen to our thoughts in a clear and conscious way, the answer is available to us.

First take a step inside your mind 

In order to understand ourselves, who we are, and our decision making, we need to be self-aware of our brain, thoughts, and how we interact as individuals. Why do I make stupid decisions? Why can’t I do well at A or B? Why do I continue to fail at XYZ? The first step is understanding how you function and what steps are necessary to change perspective.

Tunnel vision is deadly, time to widen the spectrum

I speak of changing perspective because unless you are the all-in-one almighty who has the answer to all questions, having a separate mind to work with you is your best shot at success.  Whether it be speaking to another genuine individual who is able to provide a different perspective or idea, or listening to a podcast or self-help coach, we need tools to give us further decision making assets.

Envision the possibilities

Alright, so you follow? Now we are able to understand it’s just our monkey brain that isn’t able to see further. With some further tools, we are able to empower ourselves.  Now, this is where it gets interesting.  We have to see as far as we can. See how things can unfold with your experience, knowledge, and that wider perspective you have now.  What do you see? Do the bricks line up to your goal? Do you see problems or red flags that can be prevented? You are ALIVE, and have a living record of what you have experienced in this world — this experience is the only unique thing that we have as humans that separates us and we carry on forever.

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