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Alan Tek
Alan Tek

Alan Tek is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, motivational speaker, actor, and musician.

Coming from humble upbringings in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, Alan grew up excelling in all the subjects he pursued.  Having talents in mathematics, science, athletics, art, and music, Alan was undecided in his future and found himself in the middle of the tech bubble. After obtaining a degree in Computer Science and working at IT start-ups, he found out that he needed to find more about himself and the world.

Alan ended up moving to Asia and taught English in Taiwan and Hong Kong while traveling the other side of the globe. While in Hong Kong, Alan discovered martial arts and studied at Bruce Lee’s school of Jeet Kune Do and learned from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts.  Travelling all over China, Taiwan, South East Asia, India, and Australia, he then discovered the underwater world of scuba diving, earning PADI certifications. It was in Asia where the Alan found out he was able to overcome any challenges he found himself facing.

After returning to Canada and while working as a server between jobs, he was discovered by a talent agent, which started his acting career.  He began auditioning and landed roles in commercials, a national TV show, and a principal role in a feature film. While still pursuing acting gigs, Alan decided to return to his studies and enrolled in an MBA program in Quebec, Canada.

During his MBA studies, Alan developed a knack for business coaching, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Coaching students and learning from great mentors jumpstarted Alan’s journey in motivation and lifestyle change. Learning from lifestyle entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss,  Alan has realized his passion for helping others in their motivation, self-belief and actualization, and the pursuit of life-fulfillment.

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