How to live on the edge and really LIVE

Alan Tek on the edgeCome to the edge. 
We might fall. 
Come to the edge. 
It’s too high! 
And they came, 
and he pushed, 
And they flew.
– Christopher Logue
There are any times we find ourselves carrying on our normal day-to-day lives on a safety net, one that supports us and doesn’t allow us to fall, or at least very often.

But what if we take a step outside of our comfort zones and see what happens? 

This is a struggle that many of us face and very few ever even try to explore.
This is what I refer to as THE EDGE.  I’m not referring to the 90’s movies starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, but our own EDGE, one that allows us to see if we can fly (metaphorically speaking).
Alan Tek outside the comfort zone
Where the magic happens

Living on the EDGE brings magic and all the action

Easier said than done right? Well yes and no. It’s so easy to just stay in our comfort zone and be chilling in this comfy and cozy place. But if you’re looking for some SPARK in your life, then outside your comfort zone is where ALL THE ACTION takes place.  Now, you may not agree with me and think that magic can happen in all parts of your life. I’m not saying it doesn’t, but for the most part, so-called “risk-taking” does enable bigger outcomes/results.  If you’re someone looking to change your life and go on an adventure, which IMO is what Life is all about, then please continue to read. If not, feel free to just stay comfortable.

Use micro-gains to expand your comfort zone

From my life experience, engaging in activities or reaching out to people you normally wouldn’t have, can bring a lot of interesting outcomes. I could barely swim, but I decided to learn how to scuba dive. After realizing that swimming is just a small part of diving, I ended up loving the activity and ended up swimming with 50+ sharks in the Great Barrier Reef.  My curiosity of martial arts brought me to taking up JeetKuneDo (JKD) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) in Hong Kong, which resulted in me winning 2nd place at a major competition, and obtaining my blue belt in BJJ in just over a year.  These micro-gains in getting outside of my comfort zone became valuable lessons for me moving forward.  By having these experiences, I am able to have them in my pocket and when I face new challenging feats or fears, I am able to easily overcome them.
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Access space and time to learn and perform better

We are living beings who have the mental capacity to access three spaces of time: Our past, present, and future.
By using our past experiences we can improve our present and future circumstances (this can also work against, but that’s another topic of discussion).
When taking those past experiences, they become building blocks for accomplishment. You can use these special blocks as weapons against obstacles in your life. By having more experiences that bring you to your EDGE, you can live comfortably riding that EDGE, while others may be still fearful of even imagining it.

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